BMI Publishing prides itself on its problem-solving skills and nowhere is this more apparent than in the online e-learning software we have developed to meet today’s training needs.


We’ve invested time, money and a huge amount of determined energy into building an online training solution which combines a great user experience with sophisticated back office monitoring features.


We first built this software for the travel industry but we are now excited to offer it to all industries . We know the challenges. Training has to be engaging and professionally worthwhile for the user but cost-effective and with quantifiable results for the supplier. E-learning is the solution - it delivers flexible and interactive training at a time and place to suit the users and can be assessed and rewarded instantly, so administration is kept to an absolute minimum.


After three-years of development and refinement our software now leads the way and is available to you under license. It is the most in-depth and user-friendly online training system available. Use it and you can monitor minute-by-minute how users are doing and see detailed user statistics. You can accurately track your return on investment through advanced back end systems.


To see this software in action check out our Travel Uni product (www.traveluni.com) - a training portal which now contains more than 55 training programmes run for a variety of tourism partners. It has over 28,000 registered users. It’s tried and tested and its winning formula can be used and adapted to suit your training needs too.


We’ve done all the hard and painful work evolving a state-of-the-art training model. Now it’s yours for the taking. We’re standing by to make it work for your product and industry too! What are you waiting for?


With this software you get:

  • Modular training with secure online exams
  • User progress league tables and logs
  • User feedback and online support
  • Awards/certificates automatically generated
  • Single sign in access to multiple training sites and domains
  • A multi-media facility – to add video and flash content
  • Support for multiple languages and multiple regions
  • Fine –grained security for moderation and access control
  • The ability to link with third party databases
  • Extensive reporting tools with the option to export the data
  • Search engine optimisation tools to build awareness of the training
  • Cutting-edge software built on industry-standard IT architecture
  • Premise level PAF postcode look up facility
  • Support for web standards such as W3C compliance and UTC character encoding

For more information contact Sally.Oakey@bmipublishing.co.uk